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How do I correct my data?

How can I correct my data?
The data in the Faculty & Staff Directory system comes from various sources. If you find something that you believe is incorrect, it generally needs to be fixed at the source. We cannot fix the data on Faculty & Staff Directory because it is only a copy of what is found elsewhere. Fixing it on Faculty & Staff Directory would be futile because the next refresh would "unfix" it.

Virtually all of the information in this system can be modified by you or your manager in the HR system. This includes, office location, job title, phone numbers, and more. If, after you have changed your information in the HR system, you still believe that it is incorrect, please wait until the next refresh (typically the next day) to see if Faculty & Staff Directory reflects the change. If it is still incorrect, please feel free to contact the IT Department.

How often does the data refresh?

Faculty & Staff Directory refreshes each morning at (to be announced).
Note that since the information is also in the warehouse that refreshes from other sources, the data that Faculty & Staff Directory gets from the banner tables will only be as recent as its last refresh for a given day.

The date of the last time Faculty & Staff Directory refreshed its data is listed at the bottom of every page.

If your data is incorrect in Faculty & Staff Directory

1: Faculty & Staff Directory does not maintain any HR data, we simply pull data from the HR database. Please check the HR Database first to see if your data is correct there.

2: If your data is not correct in the HR Database, please file a Service Request.

3: If the data is correct in the HR database but not correct in Faculty & Staff Directory, please file a request against Faculty & Staff Directory.

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